Why does a Clinical Psychologist cost more than other therapists?

A Clinical Psychologist has been trained within the NHS to a very high standard. The training consists of a minimum of 6 years of training (but more realistically,  8 years). The training focuses on a wide range of skills sets, research methods, presenting problems, and so on. However, the main benefit is that Clinical Psychology trainees are taught to tailor their work to each individual situation. This involves developing specific ways of thinking which are difficult to measure, such as thinking outside the box, being able to think flexibly and strategically, and to draw on a very wide range of knowledge, experience and understanding to provide a high quality, professional and effective service.

What is the difference between a Clinical Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?

A Clinical Psychologist begins with learning about psychology (normal thoughts, feelings and behaviours) and goes on to specialise in when it goes wrong (mental health and why people suffer). Since about 1995, Clinical Psychology training courses award a doctorate, which means they can call themselves “Doctor”. So some Clinical Psychologists are Doctors and some are not. A Psychiatrist is called a Doctor. Psychiatric training begins with pathology (learning about disease in the body) and goes on to specialise in diseases of the mind (mental illness). Psychiatrists prescribe medication, which a Clinical Psychologist in the UK does not do.

I’m nervous about coming to see you. (What if I don’t like it? What if I cry? What if I feel stupid? What if I don’t want to come back? What if you dig into my past?) 

I can’t magic the nerves away for you, but I can reassure you that the first meeting is simply a one off, where I get to hear what you want, and you get to hear what I reckon would help you. My aim is that you should benefit from every single meeting, so you should come away feeling better, from just one meeting. If I feel that more sessions would benefit you, I will tell you that, and you then get to go away and think about . No ties, no quibble, no problem.

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